Pack of 2 Fence or Trellis Set - Gablemere
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Pack of 2 Fence or Trellis Set



Product Description

Pack of 2 Fence or Trellis Set

Garden Decorative & Planters

Two products in one due to our ingenious design. Can either be used as a Garden Trellis or as a Garden Border Fence. Manufactured from UV-stabilised polyurethane which means it is highly durable, weather resistant and completely maintenance free. As a garden trellis it is easily fixed using the fixings supplied to create an attractive floral feature on any fence or wall. You can either have two trellis that measure H67cm x W55cm or the product can be joined together to make one large trellis that measures H120cm x W55cm. As a Garden Border Fence the two sections can be joined together to make a fence L110cm x H67cm. More sets can be bought for extra length or to create different shapes to hide dustbins, compost areas or any other eyesores around your garden. Each panel measures 67cm High x 55cm Wide. Available in a Smoked Grey Colour.



CODE: 4285
PACK SIZE: 70 x 57 x 5cm

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