Remote Control Solar Pendant Light - Gablemere
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Remote Control Solar Pendant Light



Product Description

Remote Control Solar Pendant Light

Solar & Lighting

This versatile remote control solar powered pendant light is portable and weatherproof and is ideal for use in potting/tool sheds, garages, pergolas, outdoor entertaining areas indeed anywhere where mains power is not available. The bright LED light can be turned on with the remote control unit for added convenience, no more stumbling in a dark shed. Can also be switched on or off with the built-in pull cord. Includes a separate 1.5 Watt amorphous solar panel which constantly charges the fitted rechargeable batteries (3 x 1500mA Ni-Mh) in natural daylight. The panel is mounted onto the bracket supplied and can be positioned for optimal exposure to sunlight. The cable length from the solar panel to the ceiling mount is 300cm and from mount to pendant is 50cm. Easy to install to provide up to 8 hours of illumination (4 LED’s 70LM) when fully charged.
Size: Solar Panel with Bracket W14cm x D12cm x H15cm. Pendant Light W15cm x D15cm x H5cm



CODE: 4701
PACK SIZE: 17.5 x 17.5 x 12.5cm

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